Will my health insurance cover a nose job?


Those considering whether to undergo rhinoplasty will soon find that, like all surgical procedures, nose jobs can be expensive. If you are considering this surgery, you would would surely like to take advantage of any financial help you can get. One possible source of financial aid would be health insurance.

Unfortunately, most health insurance policies will not cover rhinoplasty surgery that is done for cosmetic reasons. If your reason for undergoing rhinoplasty is that you're not happy with the size or shape of your nose, your insurance probably won't accept that as a valid reason for covering the procedure.

That being said, there are certain instances in which the insurance provider will help out with the costs of nose surgery. If your nose has sustained physical damage as a result of an accident, developmental issues, or birth defects, there is a decent chance that your insurance provider may cover the surgery.

Medically Necessary Nose Jobs

In the insurance world, the deciding factor for whether a procedure is covered tends to be whether it is deemed 'medically necessary.' In other words, insurance coverage is offered for procedures which the insurance company sees as being necessary for your health. Your surgeon or doctor is the only one who can petition on your behalf. They must inform your insurance company of your condition and explain the long-term effects that could hinder your health and quality of life if the surgery is not carried out.

As with most types of plastic surgery, there is always a gray area. Some people may argue that their emotional health and self esteem will suffer if they do not have the surgery. Usually this argument only wins if the nose poses a serious deformity. Unfortunately this does not include minor issues such as an upturned nose or bump on the bridge. If the nose has become damaged due to developmental problems or through an accident—such as a severely broken or shattered nose—then the rhinoplasty may be considered reconstructive surgery, and therefore covered by insurance. This determination may require the submission of medical information and a waiting period as your case is reviewed.

Treating Severe Medical Problems

When the shape of a person’s nose has a direct effect on their health or quality of life, an insurance company is more likely to cover the procedure. This includes issues such as a deviated septum or disfigurement which results in breathing issues. Sleep apnea, caused by difficulty breathing during the night, can sometimes be relieved through reshaping parts of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery can also help relieve migraines in some instances. If you believe that a nose job will definitely improve your health, you should contact your insurance agent to get more details. Be sure to ask about the specific items that they cover and what portion of the surgery you will be financially liable to pay.

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